Our Clients

We have the privilege of working with many of the best known investment institutions and companies in the world, including six of the FTSE 100 as well as FTSE 250, AEX and MDAX members. We work diligently and intelligently to ensure that the needs of our clients come first.

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ingage has impressed us with their innovative solution to corporate access. It is increasingly clear that financial institutions need to find a new way to arrange access with corporates and ingage provides that with a transparent, unconflicted and efficient solution. Moving forward, we would like to encourage the companies in which we invest to start offering roadshow meetings to us via ingage.

There is a substantial risk that any feedback that we give to companies via their broker or adviser is filtered and even diluted. We are therefore reluctant to channel feedback via this route. However, ingage offers us a simple unconflicted, way of passing feedback to the companies we meet, whether attributed or not. Moreover, they are able to feed back their thoughts on us as investors and how well we were prepared for the meeting, which helps us improve the way we interact with the companies we meet.
User friendly, great access team, flawless execution, impressive customer orientation. We like it.
A customer focused team, intuitive/easy to use app. ingage is a powerful ingredient to help drive our IR team forward.
Process improvement and cost efficiency are at the heart of what we do, so as to maximise returns to the pensioners whose assets we manage. As a result we increasingly deal directly with the corporate issuers we invest in - and MiFID II will accelerate this trend. The ingage platform provides us a state-of-the-art tool which allows us to manage our interaction with corporates efficiently and effectively. We will be implementing ingage across our long-term equity investment team and we would encourage the corporate issuers we invest in to offer us roadshow meetings via ingage.
ingage organised two excellent roadshows for us. The logistics were spot on, even when we had to move meetings around during the roadshow. The team quickly and efficiently shuffled meetings to accommodate us. The feedback process was invaluable - the team helped us devise questions that gave us valuable insights into investor perceptions and their intention to invest.
You've revolutionised Scotland for us.
I think the reason we were keen to go with ingage and to help it get some traction is because we like that its model is completely unconflicted. It's very clear that its service is there to administer meetings between companies and investors - that's all. And it does that very well.

[With the broker model] there's obviously a lot more room for conflict, and one concern we have is that this model gives brokers the ability to charge for those services, even though it's not always clear what they're doing to earn their fee.